Why Instagram Follower Count Matters on Instagram

Social media users are possessed with the numbers of followers. They trail their likes, friends, followers, reposts and post engagements. These things are significant for building a successful social media profile. This is especially true for Instagram followers. Both professional and personal accounts can benefit from a high Instagram follower count. But there are a few tricks to build a solid following on Instagram. It can surely make your follower count look impressive, but you’re not actually paying for followers, you’re paying for robots. Those kinds of followers won’t engage with you or purchase your product or service, so there’s no point in having them.  In this case, they will make their account public to gain more impressions.

Ways to generate engagement beyond your Instagram Follower Count.

  • The quality of your followers: Just consider who your followers are. Wouldn’t you rather have a little but real and relevant audience than a large one composed of bots and random people? The more relevant and real your followers are, better will be the engagement from them.
  • The reach of your audience: Similarly, the reach of your audience is more significant than how many people comprise that audience. If you have a few followers who themselves are very prominent, that connects you to a larger group than you could on your own.
  • The content of your posts: If you have adequate followers, the whole thing you are posting will produce some engagement. But if you’re trying to learn how to advance your content and post things that are more engaging to the audience you really want to reach, you need to better understand what posts get a real response.
  • The timing of your posts: On social media, things can move fast. When you post new content can have a big impact on how it’s received. This will depend on your audience – who and where are they? Some are more active throughout the business day, but others see more action in the evenings. Spend some time getting to know the times that work best for your content and your audience to find the times you’re likely to get the biggest response.

Tools for Increasing Your Instagram Followers Count

As you already know, why you should increase your Instagram follower count, now you need to recognize how. Here are just a few methods:

  • A social media plan: You have to know what and when to post. Make a schedule for your posts, and employ a post automation tool to schedule them so you don’t have to post them manually.
  • An automatic follower service: You require a service which engages with real people. It will boost your Instagram follower count while defending you from useless follows from spam accounts.
  • Quality, unique content. You should use Unique and high-quality content.

Keep an eye on your Instagram follower count if you would like to make the majority of your Instagram experience.

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