What is a Landing Page and Why it’s Yours and Your Business’ Face

The landing Page is perhaps the most important page of all pages you will distribute on your website or across the web that is related to your business. A landing page is your initial meeting with the client while exposing the product, service or operation that you want to display. Landing Page is powered by search engines and is exposed when correct keywords are entered or the right search words that the website promoter offers.

An excellent landing page needs to contain the correct keywords, be updated, stylish, superbly designed and attractive. It has to be able to market, not in a grotesque way but in a smart and elegant way so we won’t have the customer exit the site with horror because they encountered an advertise. It is also important to allow the client to ‘like’ it by implementing the Facebook app on the page and thus allow more advertising by the Facebook likes.

How does the landing page integrate with the Google search engine?

Surprisingly, even Google has standards. Your landing page quality and its promoting by Google will be determined by the quality of content and design, the correct content and the percentage of clicks on the page. All of these will increase your landing page being promoted by the Google search engine.

So how do you maintain the rules in order

Connect to a good website promoter that is able to enter the right keywords for the promotion.

Move the action by having many links for contact.

Look for quality content writers who can expose and stimulate your audience.

Don’t load up too much content and information, and do not turn the landing page to a commercial shouting page.

Create continuity from landing page to other pages related to your business or company.

Be very clear about the passed on information and provide all the answers.

Stand behind the operations or coupons you provide (if promised).

Maintain continuous and good interaction with the customer all along.

Good Luck!