Want More Instagram Followers? Here’s How To Do It


Instagram in simple terms is an internet based photo editing and sharing platform. Users can share various videos and pictures privately or publicly depending on their account types. Launched in October 2010, it was an app exclusively available for iOS users. However, seeing its popularity, a version for Android was also launched in 2012 ad for windows in October 2016. The app has gained a name in the social market in a limited time and came out to be the most well accepted and favored photo-sharing platform.



Instagram, though launched as a basic photo sharing platform, has emerged as one of the most versatile platforms for social networking. Instagram set new trends like Instagram Modelling and Marketing. With various features like Boomerang, video without any audio, vivid high-quality filters,  and the usage of hashtags has given the app an edge over all its competitors.

To some people, the app is a medium of business and earning while to some it’s just a mode of entertainment and way of staying connected to the world. Whatever the reason be, the more Instagram followers one has, the more they feel connected to the world and the more they can influence socially. Having an Instagram account with a huge number of followers can be a wish of many people.


How to Increase Instagram Followers

There are several ways in which one can increase their number of Instagram followers. One basic way to increase the number of followers one has is to improve the quality of the content they share. To gain a number of followers, one may always share relevant and interesting content in order to maintain their profile interesting and engrossing. Apart from this, other ways may include-

  • Using Correct and popular Hashtags- One feature that Instagram provides is the availability of Hashtags. Hashtags enable a post to be searched easily on the net. If a post contains relevant Hashtags, people searching content related to that keyword would be able to see and access one’s post around the net, of course, the condition being that the post is a public one. If the user finds the page interesting and useful, it’s natural for them to follow.
  • Promoting on other social media- Promoting one’s account on other sites leads to people knowing about the profile and hence following it.
  • Following Other people and liking their post- This is one common way to get followers. Once one follows someone, they get an urge of following back in order to return the favor. Hence, the more one shows its presence on Instagram, the more Instagram followers they get.
  • Using various insta hacks- This includes various research based strategies such as using a certain Instagram filter, posting between the most suitable and popular time and typing the correct captions.
  • Using Other Apps to gain Followers- There are various apps available in the play store which help one gain more followers and make the profile more popular. These apps sometimes cost its users but most people are willing to pay a minimal amount in exchange of the perks of gaining followers.



With these basic methods, one can easily gain popularity on the photosharing app. However, everything takes time, so its important for one to be patient and observe the gain slowly and rapidly.