If you are a regular Instagram user, then whether your account is private or public you must have received a couple of requests or got followed by accounts like ‘instant Instagram followers’ or ‘follower boostup’ etc or occasionally got tagged in one of those ‘buy real followers’ posts in your Instagram life. And every once in a while, you feel tempted to give it a whirl by checking these accounts and posts. Because why not. Everyone wants to have a decent number of followers to like and comment on their pictures as everyone loves to be appreciated for their content and to socialize with a lot of people. And also, having a lot of people following you also make you an instant ‘influencer’.

There are many websites from where you can buy Instagram followers. The most renowned websites include ‘Buzzoid’ and ‘iDigic’ where you do not even have to sign up. The rates for buying followers are quite cheap, which makes it easy for various people to enhance their numbers. For e.g. you can buy 100 followers for just $2, or 500 followers for like only $7, 1000 followers for only $15, so much so that you can have 10,000 followers for less than $70. The greater the number of followers you want to buy, greater the money you have to pay. And money can be paid by both credit card and your PayPal account as per your convenience. Besides websites, there are many apps that essentially do the same function of letting you buy Instagram followers but with a slightly different method which comprises that you like random pictures on Instagram which gets you coins, and with these coins you can buy followers. More coins will let you buy more followers. Some of these apps are ‘GainFollowers’, ‘FollowerBoost’, ‘MegaFollow’ and ‘Like4Like’ etc.


Buying Instagram followers is a quick, easy and cheap way of boosting your account especially if you are promoting a business of any type or you are running a blog and struggling with gaining followers. People go for buying followers because they want to get the ball rolling by getting a few thousand followers, hoping that will encourage real people or high brands to check out your brand. In reality, quality over quantity does not work and people judge an account by its followers. Buying Instagram followers increases social media visibility of your business. These followers give a serious kick to your business. So that when you upload a picture it draws attention to a number of followers and your purpose it achieved. Buying real Instagram followers will get you more likes and comments from the followers which will enhance your reputation or your business in a short period. And once your pictures circulate through a lot of followers and get commented on and liked, this usually end up landing you on most popular pages related to your business and when those pages give you shout outs, more and more people start to take interest in your product and find themselves compelled to buy it thus increasing traffic to your account. And if your product is good quality wise your page is destined to grow and progress day by day.


But there are many cons to buying Instagram followers than pros. As long as you get real followers who are active Instagram users and engage with you, then buying followers goes in your favor. But unfortunately, most of these followers that you may buy are not active Instagram users and chances are very much that the large percentage of accounts that follow you are actually not real accounts, but spam accounts that are run by bots. Now this means that your account will be subjected to spam regularly and your authentic followers will also be exposed to it, which can often lead to them unfollowing you. On Instagram, we are shown those posts which we find more interesting, meaning thereby that only a small percentage of your followers actually see your posts at any given time. So, if you buy instagram followers that are fake accounts they are not going to see your posts let alone comment and like them, which in turn will demonstrate Instagram that your content is not worthy of being shared on a wider scale. Another important aspect is the engagement of your followers with your account. Having 30k followers is of no use if they are not engaging with your account by liking and commenting on your photos. Lack of engagement does damage to your account and honestly, it looks absurd that you have 40k followers but only an average 325 likes on each post. Especially if you are promoting your business products, engagement factor is important to get noticed by brands and although some brands do care about a number of followers you have as an influencer but for most of them, number of likes and comments on your posts matter more. So, buying followers lower your engagement rate and harm the growth of your account in the long run. Buying followers is also a threat to getting your account terminated by Instagram, as Instagram has a team of employees who work to detect fraudulent activity, including like and follow incentive programs. There’s a good chance your account could get flagged and suspended. Also in my opinion buying followers makes you look desperate and greedy and is indirectly a confession that your content lacks quality.

So, without jumping to shortcuts, try to gain followers by posting quality content. Your Instagram followers will definitely increase if you post on regular basis. Try using hashtags wisely to categorize your pictures and make them more likely to get the attention they deserve, try to interact with your followers as much as you can by thanking them if they comment and like just to let them know that you appreciate them, try not to get into arguments with people who leave negative comments, always be up to date with the latest trends, defines a path for your Instagram account as to what your account is about and what content you will post and finally try to post good quality pictures. These tips will definitely help you gain a decent number of followers so you do not have to go for buying fake ones.