Real Comments for Instagram

9 Clever Ways to Boost Your Instagram Comments this Year

If you aren’t a total Instagram addict like me, you can go for a day or two without logging in to your account. Once you check your feed, you may notice some posts were shared minutes ago while others are quite old.

So, why the difference? Isn’t your Instagram feed chronological anymore? Like other social media platforms, the algorithm has changed.

In this article, we’ll give you some quick tips on how to beat the algorithm. You’ll also learn how to create engaging content capable of generating real comments for Instagram.

In doing so, you’ll be able to get more comments and likes on Instagram. This will help you jump higher in your newsfeed and become discoverable by new users.

Guide to the Instagram Algorithm

In June 2016, Instagram announced a change in its algorithm. The new formula would show the posts that most people cared about irrespective of the original posting time.

The changes in algorithm make it tougher for social media marketers to get organic posts seen by their potential clients. On average, users miss close to 70 percent of all the content in their feeds.

That’s where creating engaging content comes in. different factors are responsible for influencing posts ranking on the Instagram feed. Such includes the number of likes and comments posts get on the platform.

Here’s what matters when it comes to ranking content on your Instagram users feed.

  • The number of comments and likes that a post gets. Content with the highest engagement will always show first.
  • Whether or not the user has engaged with your posts in the past.
  • How recent your post is.

If your organic Instagram posts get higher engagement from your followers, a positive loop is created: the more people comment on your post, the higher the chance it’ll appear on the explore tab. Here, the users who don’t follow you are also likely to get the content that you post.

Before we get to into strategies for attracting more likes and comments, there are a number of things to do.


  • Host a Giveaway or Contest


An easier and fun way to get people to comment on your posts is by hosting Instagram contests or giveaways. You can post on your profile advertising the contest and ask people to enter by commenting on your post.

If possible, make your campaign a weeklong affair, and ask the users to participate on a daily basis. At times, you can incorporate the user-generated content and ask your followers to post their own content/photos and tag or mention you in their content.


  • Host an Instagram Takeover


Instagram takeovers are an amazing way to get fresh content on your posts. It also allows you to work with influencers and colleagues. In doing so, it’s able to generate more engagement than you’d imagine.

In a takeover, one Instagram user takes over your feed for an entire day. During this time, they’ll be posting in accordance with their own point of view. In most cases, they are done from the perspective of a colleague, influencer or an entire organization.

The takeover helps generate more likes and comments whether you’re doing in your own account or taking over in someone else’s account.


  • Ask Your Users to Engage in Comments


Well, if you want to easily get comments to your Instagram feed, ask for them. Create posts on your profile that asks your users to tag their friends, relatives or colleagues in the comments.

It’s an easier and fun way to interact with your audience. It also helps you garner more likes and comments increasing your engagement on the content.

At times, you can caption the content with simple questions like, “what’s your advice?” or “Agree or Disagree?” doing so prompts your audience to give their thoughts and responses.


  • Post Something Funny, Provocative or Surprising


Content that creates high-arousal emotions is among the content that goes viral on social media. Among these are the posts that provoke uncertainty, curiosity and surprises the viewer.

Emotions that incite people to feelings of joy are among the most common and engaging contents. So, think about what you post on your Instagram profile. Where possible, post something that compels people so hard to comment on your posts.

So, is there any content you can post about an industry trend, or a happy moment? The content doesn’t need to directly relate to your brand. But posting enjoyable content that most people can associate with help garner more likes and comments.

Well, at times, the post can be silly too. Be sure to create such a post on the April fool’s Day.


  • Post Videos


Videos are able to attract more engagement than photos. In the recent past, the time spent to watch video on this platform has been on the rise. Currently, the platform allows videos that are up to one minute in length.

Post an engaging video to stop people from scrolling through their feeds and watch your content. Ensure the video you post is quite intriguing.

Post an amazing video and give it an incredible caption. If they love it, they’ll like, share or comment on your post.


  • Choose the Right time to Publish


There’s a lot of debate on the best days to post on your social media profile. The answer to this depends on your industry, the content to post and your followers.

As a start, you can post content at different hours throughout the week. Evaluate the results and come up with the best posting schedule.

Whether it’s early in the morning or later in the afternoon, try to stop and see when your followers are likely to leave a comment on your posts. That’s the best time to make your posts.

Be sure to use social media content calendar to help you track the scheduling and results.


Likes, comments, and views on your video are valuable on your Instagram profile. That’s because they influence the position of your content and posts on the newsfeed.

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