Instagram has over the past year become a global tool for communication. Real comments engagement for Instagram is an application that was developed to help the Instagram users to increase their engagement rather than their posts going unnoticed. You might have been getting more likes and comments in the past but currently reactions to your post is slower. This is due to the competition from tons of ultra-smart algorithms and other brands that are more creative that are competing for the same attention from the people.

However, for you posts to get the attention you seek, engagement is the key. Engagement is the process of how to boost your comments, shares, likes, views, DMs and all that comes from the reactions of your audience. There are ways that can help you to increase your engagement and level-up your Instagram strategy.

Ways to increase your Instagram engagement.

  • Use the explore page for funny engagement when you post

The Instagram “Explore Page” is where you can find all the Instagram posts that are rocking, funny and ridiculous posts. The page was developed to give users more exposure of the platform, here all the posts that you have liked will be displayed and also the posts that have been liked by the people you follow. Use the Explore Page to get a big Instagram account to like your post or even follow your account because then Instagram will show it to all the users that follow the big account. Therefore you get massive feedback from millions of Instagram users that follow the big account.

  • Engage in conversations with Instagram stories stickers

It is time to reevaluate your Instagram engagement, this means that Instagram engagement has moved from just likes and comments as it also involves Instagram users following your stories, your brand and your IGTV views. There are more people watching Instagram stories today than people following comments and likes, this is a move designed by Instagram to help its users engage more with their followers through different stories that encourage your followers to chat and air their views and opinions which then creates a loyalty with your followers.

  • Write longer captions to increase your Instagram engagement

Instagram allows you to write up to 2200 character for captions, this is a lot of space for you to share with your followers. The time you spend on your post affects the performance of your Instagram posts. The captions you write should be more that putting up words together rather they should have an attractive nature that leaves your followers to yarn for more of what you have to offer. Use the captions to pass more information to your followers about your brand or anything else that cannot be expressed through one line or emoji’s.

  • Be conscious of upcoming trends

The social media platform is where new trend form. Instagram has millions of users and when they are really felling something, they begin to engage with the contents related to the particular trend. Always ensure that you are in the moment before the trends gain momentum to ensure that your posts do not get lost in millions of other people’s posts. Always do proper Instagram research to be on track towards which hashtags are trending by the day. This research also helps you to keep track of the trendy breakings that might be relevant to your posts and your account.

  • Plan and schedule your Instagram posts

This helps in the building of awareness and promoting of brands, therefore it includes posting regularly and proper timing of your posts. The frequency of posting affects your views, therefore it is best to spend time in analyzing your account to monitor, track and to learn when it is the appropriate time to post for your audience. After you analyze the best time to post it is recommended to posts at the same time daily, this way your audience will be able to know the correct time to view, like and comment at your posts.

  • Do not be greedy for likes

Almost all the users of Instagram are concerned by the number of likes they get for their posts. The sole purpose of posting on Instagram is to get many like possible and comments but in this case it is important to gain traffic to your account by paying attention to your followers. This can be achieved by liking their posts, commenting, voting on polls, watching their stories too, tag people who are loyal to you and share the photos of your followers. Posting regularly on your Instagram account is good for your followers but the most important is to interact with your followers and being active always with your followers, they also want their posts liked.

  • Use GIFs for your account

People are getting tired of watching long videos, therefore give GIFs a chance. Take time to learn how to make these GIFs and use them as a way to share your posts. These GIFs have become trendier than photos, they are less expensive than making videos.

  • Host an Instagram contest

These contests happen to be a very powerful tool on Instagram in the generation of more like and comments for your posts. Create hashtags to go with the content for example, “follow to win” to attract the attention of your follower to get in the contest. Ensure to monitor the account once it is up and running and also ensure that you keep tabs on the performance of your contests. Post the results of the contests on your account and other social networks connected to your Instagram account, the contest will help to inspire more people to follow you like and comment on your posts thus creating a network.

Real comments engagement for Instagram is ideal for any user that want to take their Instagram experiences to another level. This means that your Instagram profile is ever growing, it is like a business and you have to market and implement new strategies to ensure that your account grows and gain more followers.

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