Is it possible to increase Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of those social networking sites where you can post anything you want to and get likes and comments for it. People from everywhere can follow you and see what you share (only if you share public, so don’t worry about safety- it is totally safe if you go private.)

Your followers are not just your friends, but they can be people who are interested in your posts as well.  You can gain followers by posting with hashtags and working hard to make your posts visible.

Working hard to get followers

This is probably a slower process to gain, but the followers you gain this way are the ones who follow you for you(i.e.) because they like what you post. They see your hashtags and your posts and if they like it, visit your profile and maybe even follow. You can increase your followers by posting on trending topics, using popular hashtags and in lots of other ways.

Is using hashtags the only way for Instagram followers increase?

The answer is no. There are a few other ways to gain followers. Some of them don’t require any work at all and some do. But, the fact is Instagram follower increase is definitely possible.

There are lots of websites that promise to give you followers for nothing at all in return. That means that they are absolutely free of charge. However, there are other website that serve the same purpose and are paid.

  • Paid and unpaid Instagram follower increase websites:

If you search for ‘Instagram follower increase’, a list of all the websites available that will serve your purpose will pop-up.  Not all of these will definitely help you, but that doesn’t mean none will. You just need to know the right places to go.

  • Followers for free

There are some websites like the one on the links below that will give you as many followers as you need. Here is a link to one such website for free Instagram follower increase.

Though you have different websites, they all serve the same purpose- Instagram follower increase. These tools are simple to use and will serve your purpose well.

For the ones that are free, you just need to visit the webpage and type in the username of you Instagram account (or the one you want to add followers to). It will verify your account and then ask you for how many followers you want. Pick a number from the dropdown and immediately, you will get your followers.



  • Paid followers

Free follower websites are not that reliable sometimes. They might work sometimes and at other times, they might not. And some might be just a one-time use. Paid follower websites are much more useful and serve your purpose better. You don’t need to spend a huge sum on them either. Here’s one website that gives you as many followers as you want for a very little payment.

you have to visit the website and select one payment package out of their many. You can buy followers for as little as $3 per every one hundred!

By buying followers or by getting them for free, all you get is a big number to display. There is nothing more to it than that. These followers might be from inactive or fake accounts that might not ever like, comment or even see your posts. So, if number is all you want, these options will serve you best.

  • Instagram Paid Promotions

Instagram has the option of letting your post reach thousands of users, even though they don’t follow you. This is the official Instagram way of gaining fame.  You pay Instagram, and they make one of your posts pop up at a random place on people’s feeds. That way, they get to see you page and like and follow you if they are interested.


It is not impossible to increase Instagram followers, there are a lot of ways. If you are trying to promote a business, it would be advisable to use the harder way or use the paid promotions instead of buying followers from websites.

If you want followers just for fun, you can use any of the above-mentioned methods.