Instagram followers plus App – Know More

Instagram is nowadays the most trending and popular social networking sites amongst the youth. Sharing your photographs and experiences about everywhere you go, whatever you eat, drink, buy, etc. Is a necessity for today’s youth. Instagram provides one such platform for these highly addicted youths to connect to people from all around the world.

When you post so many pictures and videos and stories, you intend to get the maximum likes, comments and followers. But sometimes when you share so many posts together, some of your posts may end up being un noticed. Well we have a solution to that the Instagram Followers Plus App.

This application, not only helps you increase your like and comments, but also gives you detailed information about you Instagram account, like who is your best follower, who unfollowed you and many more details. Knowing all this information may help you know your popularity status and how can you increase your popularity on Instagram.



Instagram followers plus has a number of exciting features that interest Instagram followers to download it, like:

Instagram followers plus has a beautiful design and multi-processing features. Which makes it a user-friendly application, really easy to use. Not only is it just easy, it is completely real and does what it promises to do. It helps you become popular on Instagram, by giving you like, comments and followers. Now this is what everybody wants. Being famous. As you get more likes your popularity increases and you become the Instagram sensation.

Not only this, it gives you details about so many things about your account, like:

  • Who are your best followers?
  • Who are your worst followers?
  • Who did not follow you back?
  • Whom didn’t you follow back?
  • Whom do you like the most?
  • Who is near or far away from you?
  • Who unfollowed you?
  • Whom did you unfollow?

Knowing this information can help you in understanding your friends and followers. Moreover, it also provides you with statistical details about:

  • Which post of yours got the maximum like or comments?
  • Which post did not get the likes or comments?
  • Your average likes per post
  • Your Fame value.

These analysis and statistical details helps you know your popularity rate on Instagram. However, there are some more features available in the application like knowing who blocked you. But these features are paid and work only when you pay the subscription fee.


Basic details about the app

  • This application, is not linked with the Instagram account.
  • You must have an Instagram account, to use this application.
  • You must login with your Instagram user name and not the email address.
  • Email address won’t be able to connect you to the Instagram account.
  • Some features of the application are paid.
  • The size of the app is just 2.3MB.



Being famous is everybody’s dream. Everybody wants that whatever they post or share get the maximum likes and follows. This application the Instagram Followers plus app can help you do so. So just download the app and be famous.