How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Products

are you using social media to attract and retain your customers? If not, then you are missing out on big and lucrative opportunities. Don’t let this happen.

If yes, have you tried promoting your content on Instagram? It boasts of more than 15 times engagement than other social media platforms. what was once an app for sharing photos is now an essential sales channel.

In this article, we’ll focus on how to promote your products and gain new clients to your products. In order for this to happen, you’ll need to follow some basic tips. For instance, ensure you have enough followers on Instagram to create an engaging conversation. These are some basic tips to help you out.

Establish a Higher Community Base

At least 13 percent of internet users have an active Instagram account. Plus over 100 top brands are on this platform. With such a huge population, there’s a chance your current and potential customers are here as well.

Here are some ways to attract and retain them to your existing client base.


  • Use Audience Specific Hashtags.


Hashtags on Instagram is an effective way to group conversations, concepts, and ideas. With a hashtag, you’ll get others who’re posting about what they love most.

By including relevant hashtags in your newsfeed, you’re able to reach new buyers who have an interest in your products and services. The key is to use existing hashtags in the industry as well as creating and driving your own hashtags.

Creating your own hashtags is not a complex process. But you’ll need to use free online services to get appropriate hashtags that match to your specific keywords.


  • Apply the Right Filters


Well, most people don’t know how Instagram filters influence engagement. Use the best Instagram filters to create an amazing interaction.

All the images that have filter attract more likes and comments than the ones that don’t.

But don’t forget, your audience is different from that of another company. As such, the filters that work for their brand may not work for yours. Try using an Instagram management tool to identify the most prevalent filter among your target audience. That’s the one to use.


  • Post at the Right Time


With all social media platforms, you’ll need to know when your target audience is likely to engage you. That’s the best time to post content and promote your brand.

For instance, if your target audience is in formal employment, you don’t have any business posting your content during the working hours. They’re busy. Thus the chances that they’ll see your post is almost zero.

The best time to post for this audience is Monday 9:00 am and Friday 9:00 pm. But don’t forget that target market is different. Try to understand the best time to promote content to them before you do.


  • Engage with Your Competitor’s Followers


Be sure to follow your competitor followers on Instagram. These are people you want to talk to. Sure you want to inform them about your improved and better sites, services, and products. Right?

By following your competitor, these users have shown interests in your products. Finding and engaging them increases your list of followers on Instagram. It also raises the possibility of generating qualified leads from them.

There are different ways to get a list of people following your competitor’s profile. For instance, use an unfollow button to search for your competitor’s profile on Instagram. If you do this, you’ll get a list of all those people following them. With this list in hand, its time to engage with your potential clients. Be sure to follow them like and comment on one of their photos.


  • Work With Competent Instagrammers


It’s an amazing way to increase your following and ability to raise sales on Instagram. Look for a competent heavy-hitter on your niche and ask them to feature your products. Unlike with the other tactics, this one has some attached costs.

You may be required to make some payments or offer free products for review. But the output from this engagement may be dramatic.

But how do you find and get the largest account in your area? By using the platforms search functions. Use them to look for company names, hashtags, and keywords. Once you follow a large account, the platform offers a list of similar users that you can follow.

Once you’re ready to engage someone, go through their account profile. You can determine whether they accept product reviews or sponsored posts. Choose people who are ready to work with your brand. But if they don’t specify on whether they allow either sponsored posts or product reviews, seek for clarification. The easiest way to do this is by emailing them.

The costs you incur are dependent on the size of your audience and the product niche. On average, the cost may be lower than using ads on the platform. It also has the potential to increase your following resulting in higher engagement.

With a higher engagement, you can convert your followers to buyers.

Convert Your Followers to Customers

The engagement rate is among the best on social media networks. It’s appealing nature assists in showcasing, promoting and selling your products.

Once you establish a large targeted audience, they’ll be able to gain trust and loyalty. At this point, you can convert your profile browsers to potential buyers.


  • Emphasize on Scarcity


Scarcity relates effectively with the law of supply and demand. The less there is of something, the more your potential market wants it. Marketers and retailers do this everytime by suggesting that discounts and other promotional benefits will only last for a while.

As the seller, you can post continuous photos that showcase your current inventory. When your followers see something they like, they’ll leave a comment to reserve them for future references. With this, the user calls with all the necessary documents to finalize the purchase.


  • Spotlight New Products


Your Instagram, the profile is an appropriate channel for direct marketing.  It offers an effective channel to showcase your new products.

If your account boasts of a reputable brand, then promoting a new product shouldn’t stress you. Chances are, you’ll get numerous calls after placing your advert on your business profile.