Couples Counseling – How to maintain relationships with customers on Facebook

Today, anyone can push forward a business, company or idea by using Facebook. Even our protests start their way from Facebook. The strongest ways for promotions that Facebook allows such as creating a user, group or buying advertising- Allows us to get stronger promoting platforms.

Why do we have to maintain contact with the customers at all times?

Just like in real life relationship, exposure on Facebook and staying known to the customer all the time required investment. If for example you’ve opened a group, the group has to keep being updated and running at all times. If there is a business card, you’ve got to maintain it, renew it once in a while, offer attractive promotions and create that way new, personal interest ties and keep refreshing the page every day.

Keep in touch with the customer through Facebook. It’s always important to keep in personal touch with the customer, always update them with discounts, being attractive, invite them to events and stay in contact thoughtfully.
Such actions will eventually even in the far future, lead to willpower to act.
I Have Sympathy- Be Sympathetic
Try to gather as much as likes and fans possible. The more the business or product will look popular- that way the chances that new fans will join are much higher. The popularity of your product will attract potential new customers because that way it’ll look more inviting and high quality.
Another method that helps keep your customer’s interest and loyalty is to invite them to events, update them on every detail of the company and even try and ask them to leave their personal information in order to maintain direct contact with them and keep them close.