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Instagram is one of the most famous social networking apps in the planet. Unlike any other social networking apps, Instagram is made uniquely where you can share your photos and videos from a smartphone. It has become an obsession to the millennials since mobile photography went trendy. It is available and free in both android and iOS devices. Each user’s profile has a “follower” and “following” count which shows how much followers the user has and how much he/she follows.

You can gain followers on Instagram the honest way but if you are really in need of a larger scale of followers then you can opt to take the dark side of getting followers. Celebrities, brands, influences and politicians even buy followers. Why do they need a lot of followers? It’s actually about building an image on Instagram especially when you are selling a product.

Having an enormous number of followers is something that most people look up to. It’s a matter of affecting people’s perception. They say that the quality is better than quantity but the fact is that many people only judge the number of its Instagram account. Also, buying followers is not that expensive and is very affordable making it one of the best choices.

How does it work?

We just have to make it clear that the explicit act of buying Instagram followers is far different from “Instagram Automation”.

Instagram Automation is where a bot allows your account to automatically like and comment random posts on your behalf. But buying Instagram followers is a different thing. You will pay to link your account to a service and see your followers or audience grow.

It is just really cheap. There are actually a lot of existing services that charges for about $3 USD for every 100 followers. But you can also opt to an expensive option where their service can charge up to $1,000 USD for every 10,000 followers. Of course, you don’t pay that good for nothing. This expensive service maintains active accounts that will interact with your own.

Some tools will follow users on your behalf hoping that they will return the favor. You will be the one to decide on what kind of accounts to follow based on things such as locations, hashtag usage, similar accounts and gender. This will somehow accurately filter your targeted audience.  If the bot notices that they didn’t follow you back on a predetermined limited time, they will automatically unfollow them.

We offer for a minimum of $45 per 50 followers. You simply have to enter your Instagram user name (ex. @michaelrey13) and pay using a prepaid visa.

Eventually we will work on it immediately. You will notice that your Instagram followers will slowly increase up to the quantity that you ordered.


 Boost your followers on Instagram

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Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking apps on earth. It began as an app for kids to have fun but upon its continuous development it has become a serious content marketing, networking and audience building tool for an individual or brand. This popular social networking app garnered over 200 million active members sharing 60 million photos and likes post 1.6 billion a day.

Some people have become famous because of Instagram. May you be a big brand or just an individual who want to be famous on Instagram, don’t just reach for an average number of followers. You can do better than that just strive harder and be on the lime light of Instagram.

Here are ways on how you can boost your Instagram followers:

  1. Generate a strategy

Like any other marketing platforms, Instagram also needs a plan to utilize your resources and investments effectively. The strategy will determine what you want to achieve so that you can know your target market and attract right followers. Research about your competitors and analyze what they are doing.

  1. Think on how you are going to tell your story

Think of an angle on how you will tell your story. You have to be unique so that you could stand out among the others. Your content must be compelling enough to inspire and attract new potential followers.

You could choose to satisfy the curiosity of your audience buy providing videos on how your product is made, share the perspective of an employee to humanize your brand, or present your brand as an aspirational by the lifestyle or achievement of your customer in using your product.

Do not just limit your strategy into a single perspective. Be dynamic to adapt to the trend that your potential customers will really look into. Analyze your audience so you could think of an effective strategy on how you can attract them. Your post should have a branding that is recognizable and relatable in a glance. Also try to link your posts to other social networking sites to get a wider scale of your audience.

  1. Set a goal

It is essential to know your purpose or what you are really aiming to. I suggest you set goals for Instagram that suits your overall marketing strategy – it could be brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or supporting the goals of a larger marketing campaign.

This will show that you don’t just aim to gain a lot of followers but also target the right audience that will support your business goals.

Creating a visually-compelling content would be a great help in attracting potential followers. The better the content of your Instagram the more followers you get. Photos that is low-quality and dark will discourage people to follow you.

  1. Make your account easy to find

In order to gain followers your account must be discoverable.

Try to cross-promote your Instagram account or content to your other social networking accounts. It wouldn’t be harder for you to boost your followers in Instagram if you already built followers in your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more. Let them know that you are in Instagram too. You can mention your Instagram account or highlight one of your best posts. You may want to consider boosting these posts with paid advertising to ensure that more of your followers make it to your Instagram account. Also, put a link that will direct them to your Instagram account to your bio.

For example, Taylor Swift directed her Facebook audience to her Instagram by linking her Instagram posts to her Facebook. With this they will know that you are also on Instagram.

  1. Link your account or branded hashtag in other communications

Link your Instagram account to all communication tools you have whether in online or offline so that potential followers will be directed to your account. If you have a website you can put your accounts’ link and also in online newsletters so that more people can find you on social media.

You can also put your branded hashtag or username in your product packaging, business cards, paper bags, signage at your bricks or mortar location or an event.

  1. Use hashtags that are relevant

It is important to think of a unique and relevant hashtags from your business so that people, who are not following you but searching for photos of your product, can still find you.

You firstly need to know the dos and don’ts in using hashtags to boost your followers:


You can use the Trenspottr App to search trending hashtags that is related to your business, product or industry. Then set up a stream in Hootsuite to monitor the content of your chosen hashtag on Instagram.


Think of a really unique hashtag, something that the mass could really relate and use. A hashtag that will motivate your audience to share photos related to your brand. Just like what happened to a feminine hygiene brand, Always, which created the #LikAGirl that encourages women to use this expression to show the best that they can be. It garnered about four billion impression in just two months.


Using hashtags may be an effective way to attract followers but using too many could be distracting and will probably dilute your message.


The explore tab is the small magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram App where you can find photos or videos that is based on the posts you like. It is also known as the “popular” page.  Getting in the Instagram explore tab is not that easy that’s why you need to create a unique hashtag to get into it.

  1. Post regularly and at the right time

There is really a need for you to post consistently as this could be of great help in boosting your followers. According to an analysis by Tailwind, posting to Instagram daily, you will grow your followers four times faster than posting less than a once a week.”

Your followers followed you because they wanted to see posts from you that that’s why you need to provide posts. They will like and interact to your posts and this will be an opportunity to reach a wider scale of audience. They might also tag their friends.

Consider your target audience; if your followers are mostly people who work full time then maybe you could post on their free time or after their work. But if you really want to determine what time of the day is best to post, then observe your posts and see which of it gains more likes.

  1. You captions need to be compelling

Your caption plays a big role to grab attention thus helping you to gain more followers. You need to consider some strategies in writing for a good caption.

Sometimes people don’t usually finish long captions so the tendency is that they will no longer read the core of your message. To avoid this, put the most important words up front. These words must be have compelling information that could convey your audience.

Asking a question can also catch the eye of your audience. They will probably comment down below the comment section and will make your account visible            to more people.

Try putting Emoji; this will help in drawing your reader’s eye since Instagram is a highly visual social networking app.

  1. Write an exceptional bio and profile

Your profile serves as the cover page of your account. Creating a well-crafted one is a best way to boost your followers. People will not follow you if your bio is unclear, incomplete and unappealing.

Name: Up to 30 characters, and included in Instagram search, so you may wish to include a keyword.

Username: Make it consistent with your username on other social channels to make it easy for followers on other platforms to find you on Instagram.

Website: The only place on Instagram where you can include a clickable link (aside from calls to action in ads).

Bio: 150 characters to convey your brand identity and show new visitors why they should follow you.

  1. Tag appropriately

Tag locations or users that are relevant to your posts. This will increase your potential followers .You can also tag or mention users to encourage them to see your posts. You can also encourage your followers to tag their friends in the comments if applicable. For example: “Tag someone you know who needs a vacation!” This can help expose your Instagram account to a larger network of people.

  1. Set up contests

Creating contests on Instagram can help grow your audience, drive traffic to your website, and even sell product. Ask people to either follow you, like or comment on one of your photos, use a specific hashtag, or repost one of your photos. In this way they will share your contest leading to your potential followers.

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