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So you have a video that seems to be striving but it is just not getting to the top of the chats? Then it is about time to invest on some YouTube dislikes. These are of great help in two separate ways. To begin with, if you have a video whereby you bought several likes and it has no dislikes, then it will appear illegitimate. On the other hand, you can buy dislikes to discredit the video of another individual to help you attain a particular level of popularity.

With a prospering video that only has several views and likes could rise a bit of suspicion, in this case, you need to purchase a few dislikes to neutralise the likes. Trueffic offers the services to buy YouTube dislikes making your work easier. It is a legal activity and instead of staying too focussed on competition, you could opt to gain popularity as well.

Dislikes work by discrediting a particular video which in turn becomes less popular. With too many likes the video could even be banned. If your video seems to have several likes but is still not meeting the popularity level of your competitor, you could opt to buy a number of dislikes that would lower the rank of your competitor.

Additionally, if you stumble upon a video with a lot of unsuitable content, then, you could purchase a package of dislikes and in turn get it banned. This is common for videos that have content that is not suitable kids and the elderly.

With the services that Trueffic offers it is quite simple to buy dislikes to match balance the views and the likes. Visit our website at and select the tab that offers you to buy YouTube dislikes. Copy the YouTube URL here and press on “Continue For Purchase”. Finally, provide the additional information needed and paste the link.

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3 $
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5 $
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15 $
1,000 Dislikes
20 $
2,000 Dislikes
25 $
3,000 Dislikes
30 $
6,000 Dislikes
50 $

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