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What determines the number of  instagram comments on an Instagram post? 

The number of followers: Having numerous followers means a greater number of responses for each post. Since a higher number of followers allows a post to reach a wider audience. Compare a user with one hundred followers to another with five hundred followers: The chances are that, the latter user will have more comments than the former.

The relatedness of the post: An Instagram user will respond to a post that connects him or her to the issue addressed. Therefore, whenever you post anything, bear in mind that, the number of comments will depend on the issue addressed.

The composition of your audience: The composition of your audience in terms of gender and age will significantly influence your comments section. Research shows that the number of youth accessing the internet is increasing day by day. Additionally, the youth is the most active group sharing different contents and thus having the majority of your users as the youth will influence the comments. Note that, the term youth is relative and depending on the situation, it can range from sixteen years of age to thirty.

Advantages of numerous comments on a post

Increased followers: The more comments per post, the more popular you become online. This will attract other people who will follow you to see your posts. Others will tag you in their comments, which will add to your popularity and thus increase the number of your followers.

Increased revenue: This is the case with business persons whose posts are geared towards advertising their products and services. Many comments imply that many people saw the post and a higher chance of buying the product or service.

How to boost your Instagram comments

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