Apps For Your Phone (Android/iOS) To Find Instagram unfollowers


In the modern world, where everyone is connected through the internet, the Virtual image holds a significant place in one’s life. The various social media platforms that facilitate people to be connected to each other round the clock help find people time for their friends, acquaintances, and family. Instagram, since its introduction to the App market, has been very popular amongst people. With all the unique and interesting features it provides, it is the most welcomed and admired photo-sharing app amongst people. The more number of followers one has on Instagram, the more they feel popular. Having a good number of Instagram followers is vital for many people. Not only it reflects their popularity, it is also an important medium of their expression. Hence, people often value each of their followers to a great extent. In such a phenomena, when certain people unfollow, it can become a reason of agitation for such people. Often finding the Instagram Unfollowers can be a tedious task, specially if the number of followers one has is a huge number. The solution to this problem is easily available in the market. There are several apps that serve the purpose of monitoring and finding the Instagram unfollowers.


Apps to find the unfollowers

The apps that find Instagram unfollowers are designed in a way to keep an eye on the people who are added as followers on the profile and monitoring the name of the people who unfollow.

For iOS-

The apps that are popular for the iOS platform are Intafollow, instafollowers and Followers Plus. These apps come with additional benefits of tracking likes and other monitoring features. The app can be easily downloaded from the Apple app store. It is important to check the compatibility of the apps with one’s devices since they may not be compatible with the older version s of the iOS.

For Android-

There are a number of apps available on the Google Play Store for tracking the Instagram un followers. Some of the most popular ones are UnfollwersforInstagram, Unfollowgram, and Instafollow. Apart from alerting the users about recent unfollowers, these apps also update the ghost followers (who are not active and don’t like any posts), most active followers and the people one follows but who don’t follow back. These updates can facilitate one to keep a track on their followers and make more relevant posts.



Though these apps are highly useful in tracking the Instagram unfollowers, one must remember that the decision to follow some account on a site or to unfollow is one’s individual choice and any unfollow must not be taken too seriously. However, one can always use the app for their benefit in order to contact the people who unfollowed to find the reason for the step and sort out the issue if relevant. It can also be used to find if the content being posted is not appreciated and hence improve the quality of posts.