6 Ways on How to Get Followers on Instagram

Wondering how to get followers on Instagram this year?

The platform has changed, it’s now harder to get new followers on Instagram than ever. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one getting less reach every day. It’s everyone!

If you’re starting out on the platform, it can be very depressing. Posting your photos, videos and getting nothing more than a few comments and likes from your followers is discouraging. The success of your social media marketing is dependent on your ability to gain enough following.

In this article, you’ll get tips on how to get followers on Instagram. As you’ll note our main ideas are focused on raising engagement (likes and comments) on your page. Creating a lasting engagement helps to increase and retain new followers. Use these tips liberally. Don’t forget creating engagement should be your underlying goal.


  • Identify Your Niche and Stick to It


If you want to increase your followers, you’ll need to pay attention to what your feed looks like. So, why is your profile important if you want to attract new followers?

It’s your first opportunity to create an effective impression. One that entices and motivates people to click the follow button.

Imagine you see a great photo when browsing your favourite hashtag. You love their style and you decide to click to their feed. Boom! You can’t tell what it is that they do.

Their bio is a bunch of funny emoji’s, and their photos are all over. Their profile photo is not clear so you can’t tell what it is that they do. Will you start following them? Probably not.

Most probably, you’ll click the back button to scroll through other countless gorgeous photos on the platform. Don’t expect your potential followers to behave differently.

But how do you change this? How do you make them stick around your page? By creating a unique and consistent brand through your profile. In doing this, you’ll be able to turn your visitors to devoted, engaged followers.


  • Post-Epic Content Continuously


Most people are turning to Instagram rather than Google to look up for brands. With this, you’ll need to put more emphasis on your Instagram profile as you do to your website.

Your profile on Instagram acts as a reflection of your products and services. If you do this right, you won’t have to worry about converting any visitor to a follower.

Don’t forget your potential follower wants to know what they’ll expect from you once they follow you. So, be consistent with what you post. Take your time and plan out how you want your Instagram feed to look like.

Ensure your photos, and videos are of high quality and resolution. Posting one or two times a day, every day will be good to start with. As your profile grows, you can improve it to three or four posts in a day.

Before you post any photo, ensure they’re 1080 by 1080 or more pixels. If not, upgrade your equipment. Test the different types of videos and photos that build a strong engagement and keeps your followers happy.

The strategy is to try out different styles and photos. Discard what doesn’t work and implement what works. Other than photos, you can make use of Cinemagraphs or what’s commonly known as GIFs.

But what happens when you run out of content to post? Well, be creative or seek for permission to share content from a different account with a huge following. That’s better than not posting anything at all. Besides, it allows you to build a positive relationship with others.


  • Use an Eye-Catching Bio


Your Instagram bio is among the least utilized features on Instagram. But it’s quite important. As such make the bio as captivating and attractive as possible.

As you’ll note, it’s tough to come up with a perfect description of what you do. The reasons why people should follow you. Rather than making the bio about you, focus on your target client and how your profile will inspire them to buy from you.

Ensure there’s a clear call to action. It may be telling them to subscribe to your mailing list, buy tickets to your show or to buy something.


  • Use Motivating and Captivating Captions


The right captions go a long way in making an engaging content. Be sure to use it to your advantage. Determine whether your content needs a short or long storied caption.

When creating a caption, ensure it has four things; motivating, captivating, inspirational and offer an experience that lives through across your video or photo.

While posting motivational content on social media seems a cliché move, it’ll draw massive engagement. If you don’t, they’ll move to a competing account that does.

Whether you choose short or long captions, be consistent.


  • Choose the Right Emoji’s


Whether you like, love or hate them, they’re a popular form of communication whether by text or through social media. But should you plan to use them, which you should, be sure to use them appropriately.

But make sure you don’t overdo it. While they’ll add flavour and make your content relatable, they shouldn’t be your only mode of communication. The key is to use emoji as a substitute for words to describe emotions and evoke reactions to your potential followers.


  • Don’t Over Post


Consistency is essential when posting. However, most people don’t post enough, which is wrong. But don’t construe this to mean that you should overdo it.

Over-posting promotional content can be a big turn off to most people. Get your frequency correct and abide by it. For instance, one or two posts in a day seem perfect when starting out. Don’t go past this number. If you do, you’ll overwhelm your followers. Also be sure to space the posts out, say one in the morning and the other one in the evening.

As your account grows, the list of your followers also improves. At this point, add one or two posts in a day. Say one in the morning or afternoon.

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