6 Most Significant Instagram Benefits for Your Business

Technologically speaking, we’ve come from far. Remember not long ago, selfie and selfie sticks were not a thing. The main purpose of the phone was to make and receive calls.

But today, our communications and social interactions are full of visuals. Taking a photo to send to a friend, posing for a selfie in a bar or scrolling through newsfeed full of photos and videos to kill time.

The impact of these advancements is apparent on Instagram. As a result, different companies are scrambling to learn how to maximize Instagram benefits. That’s because as humans we’re visual creatures. That’s why content revolving around gifts, photos, and videos get high engagement rates.

Instagram is, therefore, an ideal place to market your products. The platform builds a social network to connect people solely on visual elements. With this, it becomes easier to capture and sustain the attention of your market.

Product marketers must capitalize on getting their marketing strategy right in this platform. One way to do this is by getting huge followers for Instagram profiles. Further, they need to understand why the visuals are so valuable and how to create the best images for Instagram.

A company that sets up an efficient marketing strategy on Instagram enjoys these benefits.


  • Connects With Customers


Using Instagram to promote your content allows you to connect with your current and potential buyers. With these, you’re able to create a cross-channel engagement with your buyers. Confused? Don’t worry! Let’s elaborate.

For instance, you display photos from your Instagram profile to your site. Not all people who visit your website follow you on Instagram. But when they see your gallery of Instagram photos, they may click them follow you and maybe reconnect later.

But in order for this to happen, you need to create high-quality images. The content on your site also needs to be very engaging. Otherwise, you risk the client browsing the “Close” tab so quickly.

Alternatively, a browser may visit your Instagram account. Not all people who visit your Instagram profile have seen your site. But if the photos on your profile are good, they may proceed to your site to make a purchase.

By using Instagram photos you’re able to connect with buyers wherever they are. Don’t forget the high engagement rate on this site.


  • Builds Trust and Personality


Well, branded content is becoming more popular for generating constructive engagement. By having an Instagram account, you’re able to build trust with your buyers.

People buy from those they trust. With an Instagram account, you’re able to establish an emotional connection with your buyers. With this, you’re able to create a day to day experience in either a casual or formal way. In the end, you’re able to create a personal feel for your enterprise.

Employee images and behind the scene photos rank better on Instagram. This is so especially to service providers. These photos help make your business more attractive and trustworthy. All these have the potential to offer a positive effect on your marketing strategy and image.


  • Re-use Marketing Material


As a marketer, you need to work smart not hard. At times, you may not have time to take and create photos for your followers for Instagram. But using the photos on your Instagram account allows you to work smarter and not harder.

Already you need a viable social marketing strategy. So, why not repurpose these photos and leverage them as viable marketing images for your site.

With this strategy, you don’t need to create more content for your marketing needs.


  • Attracts an Engaged Traffic


Using Instagram photos allows you to attract engaged traffic. According to research, Instagram on its own attracts engaged traffic than any other social media platform. The conversion rates are therefore likely to be higher.

Additionally, you’re able to engage with your audience on a regular basis. This increases the chances of creating repeat customers for your products.

For instance, if someone buys from you, then follows you on Instagram, they’re likely to discover your brand on a daily basis. If the first experience was good, they’re likely to buy again from your business. At times they will recommend their relatives and friends to buy from you.

Don’t forget, repeat customers are highly valuable in any business. Use the platform to retain them and attract new ones to the site.


  • Offers a Competitive Advantage


Instagram has by far lesser competition than any other social media platform –facebook and twitter. Currently, not so many businesses are advertising their products on these platforms. plus a majority of those doing it aren’t doing it right.

As a business, you need to develop a near-perfect marketing strategy on Instagram. If you get it right, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience. You’re also likely to make higher conversions than in any other social media platform.


  • Don’t Market Your Content Blindly


You don’t want to invest your time and money in content that won’t perform. Luckily, its possible to know how followers for Instagram will react to your content. By monitoring these responses, you’re able to determine whether you’ll invest or save money for the Instagram ads.

The best way to measure whether buyers will love the content is by placing it on your profile. Be sure to share the photo with the highest number of likes and comments on Instagram. That’s the photo that the clients like. With this, you don’t need to make guesses on which products that they do or don’t love.


Instagram is an ideal place for your marketing needs. as a start, the platform has high conversion rates than any other social media platform. Its competition rates are lower meaning a higher competitive advantage for your products.

But why do Instagram photos convert more than generic photos or other photos out there? That’s because they’re aspirational in nature. They make us feel happy by showing a peek of the lives we’d want to have.

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