5 Simple Tactics To get Instagram followers free

Instagram is one of the best platforms to connect and intermingle with new people. It is the most popular photo sharing app worldwide and has over 500 million active monthly users. Getting more and more followers on Instagram is the dream for all the Instagram users. Be it a big brand or small businesses, every one of them is ready to increase their reach through it and get more followers. Other networks are not that much capable of getting instant followers than Instagram, and some are even ready to spend a lot for increasing the following. However, there are many who do not have the budget to splurge and still want followers. So, here are 5 tactics for the users to get Instagram followers free.

Attract with Bio

After making the account, the first vital step is to add the Bio. Now, this can make or break the deal. For expanding the reach of your venture, you must plan cautiously, since only one clickable link can be added in the Bio. Instead of sending the followers directly to the web page, give them some perks and allure them with freebies, like a newsletter subscription or an E Book. It definitely solves the purpose of taking them to the link, as well as the freebies increase the following.

Content Strategy

To succeed on Instagram, the post has to be crisp and one that says more with less. There must be a specific theme for the account, as it will keep the followers stick to it and will also invite more. The major trick of attracting free followers is keeping the posts Aesthetic. Instagram is a visual platform and everyone wants to see visually appealing content on the platform, which the user would have to plan very carefully. Using videos can be a good thing and might as well attract more and more followers.

Be Consistent

One post per day is the key to make the Instagram account a success. However, the ones who have a large following post about two to three times a day, but one post per day is a must. Posting consistently will get the user more followers. If the user wants to stand and succeed amongst the gigantic collection of visual content on Instagram, consistency must be their motto. Even while creating the content for the account, the frequency and variety must be kept in mind.

Hashtag Flood

One thing that Instagram has extremely popularized is the usage of Hashtags. Using hashtags will expose the content to a bigger audience, hence attracting more and more followers. The user can add 30 hashtags per post, according to the guidelines of Instagram. The reach of the content is immensely expanded with the usage of hashtags and makes the account more famous.

Play with Emojis

According to a study, about 50% of the captions and comments on Instagram has emojis. They are getting more and more popular day by day. Usage of Emojis brightens up the post a little more and engages lot more stuff. Even the big brands are using the emojis to make their content interesting and appealing. Emojis will engage people and help the user gain more followers on Instagram.

These tips and tricks will definitely turn out to be really useful and help the users to get Instagram followers free.