5 Free ways to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram is a popular social networking site that helps you connect with your friends all around the world. It is mainly used to post all your cool pictures for everyone to see and of course, hit the like button! Because the more the likes, the happier you feel.

If you’ve just started using Instagram, and only have a few people who follow you, your pictures might not get many likes and when that happens, you might get really depressed or might feel you are not ‘popular’ enough. Well, that is definitely not the case. Here are some cool ideas that will help you out!

Instagram followers increase might not be as easy as it seems. It requires a little bit of work from your side.

Here is a list of things that can help you increase your Instagram followers and have notifications filled with likes and comments.

  • Use lots of Hashtags: Hashtags are the new way of identifying messages about a particular topic. Any word can be a hashtag. So next time, instead of just posting a picture and captioning it, use a hashtag. Instagram shows you how many public posts were posted on one particular hashtag, so choose the one that has the most public posts. That would increase your picture views and also followers. One thing you need to remember is keep the hashtag related to your post. You shouldn’t post something like ‘#mondaymorning’ on a Wednesday evening (that might lose you followers, oh no!) So, the bottom-line is, using a lot of related and popular hashtags will help you get more followers in no time. Because every person has his own interest of hashtags.  People interested in your hashtags, will follow you.
  • Like and comment: Like and comment on other people’s posts. Be creative with your comments so lots of other people notice. That gets your comment attention and also your profile. If they love your comments, they will definitely visit your profile and hit the follow button.
  • Most effective times: Most popular times that people are relaxing and using their phones would be in the evening, maybe at 5pm or so. Posting at these times will get your post more views and most likely, more followers. Because gaining more followers is all about your posts being viewed. Whatever you post has an effect on how many followers you get.

These ways require a of hard work from your side. Some websites provide good hacks that can fetch you followers for free. All you need to do is sign up and you immediately get an Instagram follower increase. Here are some good websites that can help you. One thing you need to know before that is, these ways can only get you followers. Those accounts might not like the pictures you post.

So for likes and followers, follow the methods above. For just followers, look below.

  • Followers Generator:

This is a free tool that lets you get Instagram followers. You can get loads of people to follow you by just visiting the link below and connecting your account.


On visiting this URL, you will be prompted to link your Instagram. After it verifies that an account exists on this name, it will ask you how many followers you want. You can choose a number and then complete a small survey to get your followers added.


  • Free IG Followers:

Here is another tool that will help you get followers on your Instagram.

This tool will definitely help you get as many followers as you want. It is simple to use and requires no hard work at all.

First, visit the link below.


Here, type in your account name and it will show you the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow and also your profile picture. Make sure it is you and select the number of followers you want. Then, wait for a minute and go check your account!


Every person can get lots of followers, you don’t need to be a celebrity for that. Knowing the right stuff to post, and or using these hack tools will help you with that. Following one or even all these methods will flood your account with followers in no time.